Organizational Leadership and Informatics Discussion Essay

Posted: November 5th, 2022

Organizational Leadership and Informatics Discussion Essay

Describe a scenario in which there was a conflict between nurses working in your current or previous work environment. What was the primary cause of the conflict? What conflict resolution strategies would you employ to manage this conflict and promote civility in the workplace and why?Organizational Leadership and Informatics Discussion Essay

I currently work in a busy inpatient nephrology unit of a university medical center. The renal physicians recently lounged a complaint to the nurse manager that daily records of input/output and weights were not being completed. As a result, the patient’s plan of care was significantly being affected leading to prolonged stays in the unit. These reports led to the emergence of a conflict between day-shift and night-shift nurses working in the nephrology unit. The night-shift nurses blamed the nurses on day shift for failing to do the daily weights since they had more staffing. On the other hand, the nurses on day-shift blamed those on night-shift for failing to take weights since breakfast arrived when reports were being written in most days. Besides, there has been lack of consistency in recording the input/output records for both night shift and day shift nurses.

In managing this conflict, I will use the conflict resolution strategy of collaboration and integrate it with authoritative leadership. I will lead the nurses in a process of backward mapping to identify the major causes such as irresponsibility that contribute to this conflict (Field et al., 2014).  This will closely be followed by a lengthy discussion where ideas will be shared by the conflicting nurses on how the issue of lack of documentation can adequately be addressed through collective efforts. The collaboration strategy, also considered as a win-win strategy, is the most suitable in this case as it will encourage an open discussion of concerns, issues, and alternative options and will encourage commitment (Gerard & Kriesberg, 2018).Organizational Leadership and Informatics Discussion Essay


            The purpose of this integrated discussion will be to find an innovative solution that will readily be accepted by everyone. The discussions will also provide a platform to share on the significance of patient documentation and care coordination to promote high-quality care, reduced medical costs and length of stay in the hospital. Based on the suggestions provided, authoritative leadership will be employed in establishing policies regarding documentation of patient care, outlining the proposed solutions and disciplinary measures that will be instituted in case of failure of a nursing staff to adhere to the policies (Gerard & Kriesberg, 2018).


Field, R. D., Tobin, R. M., & Reese-Weber, M. (2014). Agreeableness, social self-efficacy, and conflict resolution strategies. Journal of Individual Differences.

Gerard, C., & Kriesberg, L. (2018). Introduction: conflict resolution and collaboration. In Conflict and Collaboration (pp. 17-29). Routledge. Organizational Leadership and Informatics Discussion Essay

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