Organizational Leadership Example Essay

Posted: January 3rd, 2023

Organizational Leadership Example Essay

  1. Describe a scenario in which there was a conflict between nurses working in your current or previous work environment. What was the primary cause of the conflict? What conflict resolution strategies would you employ to manage this conflict and promote civility in the workplace and why?
  1. Compare and contrast servant leadership with another leadership style or theory such as transformational leadership. What are the primary characteristics of each? What appeals to you about them and what strengths and drawbacks do you see with each in terms of influencing organizational culture as a nurse leader? Organizational Leadership Example Essay
  1. Discuss organizational factors that can drive the change within a health care organization. Also, discuss the ethical, social, legal, economic, or political implication of the change within an organization and on the profession of nursing. Integrate a specific example of organizational change you have witnessed in your response.
  2. You have been selected to serve on a community outreach committee within your state’s nursing organization. The committee includes registered nurses of different specialties. At your first meeting, it becomes evident that not everyone is in agreement with a recent position statement about the role of spiritual care, with some members arguing they will no longer support the committee if the position statement is not revised or reversed. As a nurse leader, how could you draw from change theory to address these concerns and encourage collaboration on the committee? Organizational Leadership Example Essay
  1. Imagine you are working in an outpatient specialty office. Your nursing director has informed you that due to “accountable care” your office might be penalized by having too many diabetic patients that are above the hemoglobin A1C (HBA1C) goal of 8. The national benchmark is that only 20% of your population should be above 8 and your office shows 40%. Your physicians have also been informed by their management of the same issue.

Develop a plan using enhanced communications with patients to reach the benchmark goal. What might you do if you had the resources to accomplish this? You should consider all the technology you might be able to use such as a patient portal, wireless home monitor, texting, and secure messaging for example.

  1. What challenges do current reimbursement models pose for nurse leaders in their obligations to promote quality, cost effective patient care. What strategies can effective nurse leaders use to overcome those challenges? Discuss any specific examples you may have witnessed a leader implement in the practice environment in your response.
  1. Review the Graduate QSEN Competencies. Focusing on the areas of Quality Improvement (QI), Safety, and Informatics, summarize the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes that an advanced registered nurse should possess to competently promote the use of health care data and information to improve care in the clinical setting. Discuss two specific ways information and technology can improve clinical practice, administration, education, or research in your response.Organizational Leadership Example Essay
  1. Discuss a key event in the evolution of nursing informatics and the characteristics of nursing informatics as a specialty. In what ways do the roles of informatics nurses and nurse leaders intersect?
  1. What are the primary challenges related to interoperability and the exchange of health information in the practice environment and how might these impact patients’ access to the best care? Discuss a particular challenge with clinical provide order entry (CPOE) in your response.
  1. Discuss the benefits and drawback of clinical decision support systems, including the challenges of avoiding alert fatigue. Considering your interactions with patients and systems in the clinical environment, what best practices related to human factors and user-centered design would you recommend to designers of such systems? Organizational Leadership Example Essay


  1. Discuss an example of a personal health, mobile heath, or telehealth-related application that you think can improve patient care. What are some of the primary challenges with integrating data from a mobile device or application with data within an EHR? Do you think most patients are comfortable with sharing their personal data in the clinical environment? Supposing the sharing of such information is beneficial for their health, what can be done to help patients overcome their reticence?
  1. Review HIPAA, protected health information (PHI), and requirements for privacy and confidentiality in EHRs. Discuss one ethical and one legal issue related to the use of EHRs that directly impact advanced registered nursing practice. Discuss possible consequences for compromising patient data and measures you can implement in your own practice to protect patient privacy and confidentiality. Organizational Leadership Example Essay
  1. What quality standards or performance measures guide your role or specialty as an advanced registered nurse? Using these standards, discuss how informatics can be used to improve quality of care. Make sure to discuss meaningful use and incorporate the topic materials, such as the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and Information Governance websites in your response.
  1. There are several project management methodologies available to nurse leaders for supporting the implementation of quality and performance improvement initiatives in the practice environment. Two well-known ones are Lean and Six Sigma. Compare and contrast two project management methodologies you think are promising in the health care environment. Discuss their relative benefits and drawbacks and discuss why you think they can be successful for implementing quality improvement initiatives. Organizational Leadership Example Essay

I currently work in a busy inpatient nephrology unit of a university medical center. The renal physicians recently lounged a complaint to the nurse manager that daily records of input/output and weights were not being completed. As a result, the patient’s plan of care was significantly being affected leading to prolonged stays in the unit. These reports led to the emergence of a conflict between day-shift and night-shift nurses working in the nephrology unit. The night-shift nurses blamed the nurses on day shift for failing to do the daily weights since they had more staffing. On the other hand, the nurses on day-shift blamed those on night-shift for failing to take weights since breakfast arrived when reports were being written in most days. Besides, there has been lack of consistency in recording the input/output records for both night shift and day shift nurses. Organizational Leadership Example Essay

In managing this conflict, I will use the conflict resolution strategy of collaboration and integrate it with authoritative leadership. I will lead the nurses in a process of backward mapping toidentify the major causes such as irresponsibility that contribute to this conflict(Field et al., 2014). This will closely be followed by a lengthy discussion where ideas will be shared by the conflicting nurses on how the issue of lack of documentation can adequately be addressed through collective efforts. The collaboration strategy, also considered as a win-win strategy, is the most suitable in this case as it will encourage an open discussion of concerns, issues, and alternative options and will encourage commitment(Gerard& Kriesberg,2018).

The purpose of this integrated discussion will be to find an innovative solution that will readily be accepted by everyone. The discussions will also provide a platform to share on the significance of patient documentation and care coordination to promote high-quality care, reduced medical costs and length of stay in the hospital. Based on the suggestions provided, authoritative leadership will be employed in establishing policies regarding documentation of patient care, outlining the proposed solutions and disciplinary measures that will be instituted in case of failure of a nursing staff to adhere to the policies (Gerard& Kriesberg,2018). Organizational Leadership Example Essay


Field, R. D., Tobin, R. M., & Reese-Weber, M. (2014).Agreeableness, social self-efficacy, and conflict resolution strategies. Journal of Individual Differences.

Gerard, C., & Kriesberg, L. (2018). Introduction: conflict resolution and collaboration. In Conflict and Collaboration (pp. 17-29). Routledge. Organizational Leadership Example Essay

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