Organizational Strategy and Its Projects.

Posted: November 19th, 2022

Organizational Strategy and Its Projects.


In your own words, define organizational strategy. Explain the relationship between a business’s organizational strategy and its projects. Based on your budding understanding of project management, predict which elements of project management are most influenced by the business’s organizational strategy? Provide specific examples.Organizational Strategy and Its Projects.


An organizational strategy is the actions that an organization plans to take to attain long-term business goals.   Jointly, these action forms an organization’s strategic plan. The relationship between a business’s organizational strategy and its projects is that projects are formed to achieve an organization’s strategy.  As Muller (2012) indicates, projects might be considered regarded as building blocks for the designing and implementation of future organizational strategies. Project managers often link project objectives and their management to organizational strategy through strategic alignment of projects. An organizational strategy plays a key role in the projects’ results and benefits delivered by projects helps an organization to achieve its long term objectives.

Elements of project management most influenced by the business’s organizational strategy

Making a persuasive business case and communications are the elements of project management most influenced by the business’s organizational strategy.  According to Monsalve et al (201), strategy determines the necessary strategic goals, which subsequently determine the objectives of the project portfolios, along with the programs and projects needed within each portfolio. The business case originates from the organizational strategy and establishes the scope of individual programs and projects which are created to contribute to the attainment of these strategic goals.

Communication is influenced by a business’s organizational strategy in that project management offices manage control of the alignment amid capabilities and strategies through the flow of information form projects to diverse levels of governance in the organization.  For instance,  the project management office collects information on project performance for the portfolio manager, who then takes this information into consideration for making portfolio decisions in the future. The portfolio manager delivers performance data o the senior managers which enable then to adjust or refine the strategy of the organization appropriately in accordance with the organization’s capabilities.Organizational Strategy and Its Projects.

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