Penicillin Antibiotics Discussion Essay

Posted: November 25th, 2022

Penicillin Antibiotics Discussion Essay

Question 1-Benefits And Disadvantages Of Penicillin Antibiotics

Penicillin is one of the commonest beta-lactam antibiotic used across the globe with a broad range of clinical indications. Its discovery was a significant milestone in modern medicine that has today resulted in different forms of penicillin used in the antimicrobial management of bacterial infections (Gaynes, 2017). The current forms of penicillin are: procaine, pen-V, benzathine, and pen-G. These penicillin agents are distributed excellently in the body, are efficacious against susceptible bacteria,  have low toxicity and have bactericidal activity. Penicillin Antibiotics Discussion Essay



A significant benefit of penicillin is that it is very effective in the management of numerous infections involving gram-negative cocci and anaerobes (Neisseria), gram-positive rods (Listeria) and gram-positive cocci (Lobanovska & Pilla, 2017). Besides, penicillins can also be used in the prevention of most dental infections. It acts by attacking bacterial cell wall enzymes preventing them from multiplying and growing. More particularly, it prevents cell wall bacterial synthesis and strengthens it for survival. Gradually, the bacterial cell wall weakens resulting in its death which ultimately promotes a patient’s recovery (Gaynes, 2017).

Compared to other antibiotics, research indicates that penicillin has very minimal side effects. It is also worth mentioning that penicillin is readily available and less expensive. Penicillin is available in different forms which can be administered in different methods depending on the extent of severity of infection (Lobanovska & Pilla, 2017). They include; penicillin G –intravenous or intramuscular route, penicillin V-orally, benzathine-intramuscular and procaine-intramuscular. Penicillin Antibiotics Discussion Essay


Research reveals that penicillin causes adverse and allergic reactions in other patients. Those with penicillin allergy may experience hives, skin swelling, rash, itching, and in severe cases, anaphylaxis. Apart from allergic reactions, over time, the effectiveness of penicillin decreases increasing bacterial resistance (Lobanovska & Pilla, 2017). Besides, its misuse and overuse contributes to resistance over time following an increase in drug-resistant bacteria in the body.


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Penicillin Antibiotics Discussion Essay


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