Personal Leadership Model Essay Sample

Posted: December 8th, 2022

Personal Leadership Model Essay Sample

Preparation Before you create and submit your assessment, complete the following: Review the results of your STAR assessment and look for credible, professional resources on leadership and managing stressful situations. Complete one of the emotional intelligence (EI) assessments (linked in the Resources) and find credible, professional resources on EI in business. Directions Read the requirements carefully and be sure you complete each section. Section One – Emotional Intelligence and Leadership: Explain how EI concepts improve leadership skills. How does understanding and managing emotions make a more effective leader? Section Two – Personal Leadership Assessment: Personal Leadership Model Essay Sample. Conduct a personal leadership situational assessment using the critical moment dialogue approach. Describe a chaotic or stressful situation you experienced (in just a few sentences) and the specific actions you took in the situation. Describe ways you could have better managed your reaction to the situation, using the leadership resources you located. Explain how this new insight might influence your personal leadership development. Section Three – Personal Leadership Brand Statement: Based on the results of your STAR assessment, personal leadership situational assessment, and EI assessment, propose a personal leadership brand or style that is authentic, reflects your personality and strengths, and capitalizes on your EI. Condense your personal leadership brand into two words that best describe your style. You can test your proposed leadership brand by asking colleagues for feedback. Include a so that statement for your brand that demonstrates how your leadership style adds value to your organization. Example: “My leadership brand is collaborative accountability so that I can facilitate effective teamwork towards meeting the organization’s goal to deliver X clinical and Y financial outcomes.” Section Four – Personal Leadership Model: Analyze how you can combine your leadership strengths, emotional intelligence, and personal leadership brand into a leadership model that aligns with organizational culture and strategic goals and can guide organizational success. Personal Leadership Model Essay Sample. Be sure your analysis includes evidence and support from the resources you located. Specifically, address the following: Leadership strategies to guide highly effective teams. How your leadership approach might be influenced by financial forecasts. How your leadership approach reflects the mission and values of the organization, as well as professional and personal ethics. Additional Requirements Structure: Include a title page and reference page.

Personal leadership model

Section One – Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to an individual’s capacity to feel, apply, talk of, identify, recall, define, recognize, learn from, manage, comprehend, appreciate and explain his/her emotions. In fact, it is the ability to perceptively comprehend emotions that exhibit situational awareness. EI is important to leaders because it allows them to apply good management of their emotions through knowing, comprehending and responding to the emotions that allow them to exhibit acceptable social skills to manage relationships with their subordinates. Besides that, it allows them to show self-awareness, social awareness motivation, self-management and empathy. This implies that an emotionally intelligent leader would comprehend and manage his or her emotions to be better lead others even as they incorporate feelings into management (Palestini, 2012). Personal Leadership Model Essay Sample

Comparing Adolf Hitler and Abraham Lincoln can aid in better understanding the importance of EI in presenting effective leaders. Adolf Hitler was a leader who did not manage his EI well. He failed to empathize with and comprehend the emotions of the Nazi whom he led. In fact, he was unable to admit that he lacked self-awareness and had other leadership shortcomings with the result that he become paranoid and exhibited delusions of grandeur during his last days. There are four other instances in which he did not manage his emotions well and showed signs of being an ineffective leader. Firstly, he sought to create a superior Aryan nation by seeking to exterminate others without understanding that this would make him man enemies across the world. Secondly, he was rash and defensive, often exploding out in anger when his decisions did not achieve the outcome he intended during the war. Thirdly, he conquered a large part of Europe but ended up losing these territories because he did not incorporate the local populations in managing the territories. Finally, he was paranoid and did not form any close personal relationships, easily changing subordinates at will. This makes it clear that Hitler lacked EI thus making him an ineffective leader (Howell, 2013).  On the other hand, Lincoln was an emotionally intelligent individual who become an effective leader. In fact, he is credited with ushering in emotional maturity to the USA by advancing the rights of persons who had previously been oppressed.Personal Leadership Model Essay Sample.  Relying on his EI, he spearheaded the emancipation of slaves in both the North and South States. In addition, he comprehended that everyone had their own personnel views, thus opting to not punish the South States that had violently resisted his proposals. At a time when the nation was polarized and divided, Lincoln applied his EI to offer astute leadership that united the nation. This makes it clear that Lincoln applied EI that turned him an effective leader (Ibrahim &Wunsch, 2012). As a result, understanding and managing emotions turns one into a more effective leader.

Section Two– Personal Leadership Assessment

Describe a chaotic or stressful situation you experienced (in just a few sentences) and the specific actions you took in the situation.

The stressful situation I faced involved whether or not to report a team mate who did not complete his part of a team assignment thus causing the whole team to have low marks in the assignment. The teacher evaluated the whole assignment and determined that despite the other sections being well completed, one of the sections had not been attempted. He determined on of the team members may have failed to complete his/her part of the assignment. As a result, he mentioned that the team members only needed to identify the person who had not completed the assignment and we would all get fair grades for the completed sections. As a team we realized that failing to identify the member who did not complete his assignment would cause all the others who had worked had to have low grades. On the other hand, identifying him would give us a bad reputation in the class and school as ‘selfish snitches’ who did not support others. Given the situation, the whole team opted not the name the individual for fear of being ostracized in the class and school. Personal Leadership Model Essay Sample

Describe ways you could have better managed your reaction to the situation, using the leadership resources you located.

Although the decision appeared right at the time, it was not the right decision. That is because we ended up getting punished for a mistake that was not outs while we created a culture of team members not getting punished for laziness. Looking back at the situation, I could have made a better decision. Firstly, I should have led the other team members in holding a discussion to determine why the specific assignment section was not completed and why this was left until the situation could not be arrested. Secondly, we would approach the teacher and explain the circumstances surrounding the situation. Should the non-completion of the assignment be avoidable, then we would inform the teacher. However, if the situation was caused by circumstances beyond the control of the member then we would explain this to the teacher and request for a way to redo the assignment so that those who diligently completed the assignment are not unfairly punished. Personal Leadership Model Essay Sample

Explain how this new insight might influence your personal leadership development.

Completing the assessments has allowed me to gain new insights that influence my personal leadership development. As a leader, my main objective is to become an effective leader with the capacity to positively influence others. Through completing the assignment, I identified my leadership strengths and weaknesses. I understand that to be an effective leader, I must improve my interpersonal and administrative skills, as well as self-confidence. In addition, I should be more diligent, task oriented, organized, articulate, responsible and structured. I will be able to achieve these improvements through self-reflection, training and practice in leadership that would improve my capacity as an effective leader.


Section Three – Personal Leadership Brand Statement

My leadership brand is ‘compassionateresponsibility’ since I always seek to have a good public reputation. I always act with integrity to build a positive public reputation, observing ethical standards and principles in my decisions and actions, and incorporating trust, honesty and sincerity. Besides that, I focus on monitoring, correcting and improving things within my sphere of influence. Also, I understand that I have weaknesses in certain aspects and would require help from others to address these weaknesses thus making me receptive to relying on others. In addition, I am compassionate since I spend both my time and money engaging in social charity activities to improve the lives of others and empathize/sympathize with their grim situations. In this respect, I act responsibly and with compassion as a leader thus identifying my leadership brand as ‘compassionate responsibility’. Personal Leadership Model Essay Sample

Section FourPersonal Leadership Model

Having evaluated my leadership strengths, EI and personal leadership brand, I understand that I am an ethical leader who is rational, conscientious, open to new experiences, and intelligent. In addition, I am able to identify deviations from rules and standards, and intervene through initiating corrective action. Still, I have room for improvement as an ethical leader. I would achieve the improvement through developing a sense of vision and mission for the persons I lead, allowing them to perceive their peers as part of a team thus allowing them to focus on having pride, gaining respect, the collective good and trust (Heinrichs, Oser&Lovat, 2013).

The best strategy for achieving this and become a more effective ethical leader is to pursue a leadership training program. However, I would only enroll for a training program as an investment if I anticipate that graduating for the program would improve my earning potential. That is because I understand that although I have the intention of improving my leadership capacity, that is only possible through spending money and enrolling in leadership education programs. The reality is that I have limited funds with many activities requiring these funds and must account for my expenditure (Bowie, 2013). Personal Leadership Model Essay Sample

My strategy of seeking to improve my capacity as an ethical leader through leadership training is in line with the public service ideals that encompass medical facilities. As an individual who deals with the public on a regular basis at the professional level, I understand that there are concepts of right and wrong, good and bad with every decision and options I face as a leader. My leadership approach shows that I am concerned with the philosophical concept of morality particularly its objective notions that establish common interpretations and intuitions of morality. Through ethical leadership, I am better able to address the needs of patients by focusing on what is right and wrong as the primary objectives, while considering costs as the secondary objective (Northouse, 2012; Tannsjo, 2013). Ultimately, I am concerned with ensuring that the patient is offered all available options before being allowed to decide on how to proceed with the treatment while considering costs. This ensures that I stay in line with the organization mission and values to offer the best possible medical care. Personal Leadership Model Essay Sample


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Tannsjo, T. (2013). Understanding ethics (3rded.). Edinburg: Edinburg University Press. Personal Leadership Model Essay Sample

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