Personal Leadership Philosophies Essay Discussion Paper

Posted: December 31st, 2022

Personal Leadership Philosophies Essay Discussion Paper

Managers are not automatically transformed into leaders by virtue of their appointment (Forrester, 2021). Emotional maturity, honesty, and integrity are necessary for great leadership. A person’s ability to guide a workforce is not determined by their rank or experience but rather by the characteristics and talents they have developed through time. The purpose of this paper is to convey my leadership philosophy, as well as my fundamental values, responsibility, and ethics.


Core Values and Mission Statement

According to Fischer (2017), leadership is defined as the capacity to direct and assist people in accomplishing intended results. When I consider my leadership abilities, integrity, trust, and respect come to mind. Integrity is a critical quality for a nurse leader, and I know this from experience as a correctional nurse with several years of practice. Nurses must ensure that all elements of care delivery are conducted to the highest possible standard. Every nurse should learn to use active listening techniques, which are essential skills. They must be able to properly listen and communicate in order to provide genuine feedback (Forrester, 2021). Additionally, nurse leaders must urge team members to interact with one another since effective teamwork is critical to delivering outstanding patient care. Transformational leaders serve as role models and are trusted and respected (Grabo et al., 2017).

My ambition is to work as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. When I was looking for resources for my kid with high functioning autism, I quickly figured that there is a shortage of mental health professionals in rural communities. When operating in corrections, I have seen a lack of mental health resources in rural Iowa, which concerns me.

Several perpetrators with mental health problems are re-incarcerated many times due to their failure to comply with drug treatment.


Strengths Assessment

According to the Gallup Strength Finder (2017), my top-ranking themes were consistency, individualization, relator, significance, and discipline. Individualization is the ability to recognize and distinguish between another individual’s style, motivation, and thought process (Rowan et al., 2017). This is a necessary characteristic for a provider to possess in order to customize a patient’s plan of treatment. The provider is familiar with the client’s thinking pattern and can provide information that the patient can comprehend. To be a nurse practitioner, you must have a good moral character, like discipline, among other qualities. Although I have been accused of being “strict” at times, I believe this is due to my preference for following a set plan and sticking to it. Hopefully, my attitude will not be misconstrued as being too domineering. This is an area where I need to develop in order to get along with coworkers who are not like me. My experience as a relator has taught me to be comfortable with establishing relationships with patients while maintaining professional boundaries when required. Genuine relationships are the only ones in which I have faith. Finally, to deliver the greatest evidence-based treatment possible, consistency is necessary on the provider’s part.


 Description of Two Behaviors

Two characteristics that I need to work on are our flexibility and the capacity to be a good communicator and presenter. When there is a definite direction to follow, and things are planned, I am most comfortable. Flexibility, on the other hand, is something I need to work on. As previously said, I am able to establish a fast rapport with virtually anybody; but, being in a position to advocate and present and “of the collar” is a skill that I must continue to improve (Alzahrani, 2019). Because nursing leadership is mostly reporting to nursing management and correctional management, I must be in a position to argue for and convey the medical department’s viewpoint in institutional circumstances, which may be challenging


Development Plan

As a nurse leader, I will continue to develop in areas where I perceive to be poor. As part of my efforts to improve flexibility, I want to further my education and seek for chances to change my thinking pattern. Rather than focusing on how we normally do things when there is a shift in a circle, I must think about how we might go about things in a new manner. I might volunteer to offer an informative presentation at one of our healthcare meetings to enhance my communication abilities in the process. This would give me the opportunity to put myself out there and contribute to the forum’s educational aspect. Every time I prepare for a presentation, I will make an effort to enhance my performance.

Taking it one day at a time, I want to finish my master’s studies while also managing my time properly during the week in order to accomplish my goals and objectives. I will also make use of the Clifton Strength Finder’s recommendations to keep me informed of my strengths as well as areas where I need to improve. I want to continue to observe and ask questions about mental health patients in the future.



To become a leader, a nurse must first develop a vision, identify fundamental values, and recognize areas for improvement. Discipline, significance, individualization, consistency and, relator were some of my Clifton Strengths Finder capabilities. I intend to continue researching these topics to enhance my leadership abilities.

Personal Leadership Philosophies Essay Discussion Paper

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