PMHNP: Certification Plan Essay Paper

Posted: December 28th, 2022

PMHNP: Certification Plan Essay Paper

Assignment: Certification Plan 1.

Describe the PMHNP practice environment for MARLAND state, highlighting restrictions or limitations for practice. 2. Compare the PMHNP practice environment in MARYLAND State with a neighboring state or a state in which you would like to practice. 3. Describe a professional and/or clinical practice issue a new PMHNP will need to consider and address with the certification, licensure, credentialing, or relocation process. 4. Develop a checklist for passing the national certification exam, including a detailed timeline that includes academic preparation (study plan), registration, financial preparation, etc. PMHNP: Certification Plan Essay Paper

Certification Plan                                                                                                   

Nurse Practitioner is advance practiced registered nurse with higher education to assess patient needs, order and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests, diagnose illness and disease, prescribe medication and articulate treatment plans. According to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, a nurse practitioner has a masters or doctoral level education. To practice professional licensure and certification are required in every state (AANP, 2018). They deliver care to patients in need of primary, acute, chronic, and specialty care. In some states, they can independently manage patient care and educate patients and families about illnesses.

PMHNP Practice Environment in Maryland

Licensure laws vary contingent on the state. The Maryland Board of Nursing approves the licensure of nurse practitioners who graduates from an accredited school. To practice as an NP, the NP student must sit for certification after graduating from an accredited school with one of the national credentialing associations (NPAM, 2018). As indicated by Maryland Scope of Practice (2018), preceding full practice authority can be given in Maryland, an NP must have a coordinated shared relationship for 18 months with an NP or a Doctor with a full practice authority. They have a limitation for prescribing schedule II-V controlled element, which can only be done with certification.  NP’s in Maryland has a limitation as medical staff membership. The State law doesn’t indicate Maryland’s necessities for medical staff composition. PMHNP: Certification Plan Essay Paper


                             PMHNP practice environment in neighboring states

The state of Virginia and the District of Columbia law have stricter laws than the state of Maryland because in the District of Columbia NPs’ cannot sign disable person placard forms and death certificates while in Virginia NPs’ cannot practice independently. They need a joint agreement with a physician to practice. The state law did not outline if NPs’ can be a primary care provider (Barton Associates, 2018).

   Professional and/or Clinical practice issue a new PMNHP will need to consider and address with the certification, licensure, credentialing, or relocation process.

One of the issues a new NP may be in the part of credentialing which is unique in relation to certification. The credentialing process incorporates the validation of education, licensure, reference checks, and accreditation. In the process of relocation an NPs may be faced with restriction of practice despite the fact they have the same educational qualification base on the state of practice for example DC, Maryland and Virginia all have different scope of practice. PMHNP: Certification Plan Essay Paper

Checklist for Passing the National Certification Exam

It is crucial to work towards graduating from the NP program and then proceed with getting certification. The school which the NP student graduate from sending an official transcript to the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), or the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). The student after confirming that the AANP or ANCC have received their transcript can now register for the NP certification exam. The student is sent a candidate’s eligibility to Test notice is sent to, and candidates are expected to review the candidate handbook for the exam for relevant information about the application process, testing content, and testing procedures. The student is expected to test during an a120-day window

My plan is after my final exams in school. I will take time out from my job and read my purple book and practice Board vitals and Pocket prep questions. My aims are to read and understand the purple book and go for a review class with Barkley & Associates. PMHNP: Certification Plan Essay Paper


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