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For the duration of this course, you will submit 2 PowerPoint presentations. You will be evaluated on the following points:

  • Content of presentation.
  • Organization of presentation.
  • Appearance of presentation.

See the PowerPoint Presentation Grading Rubric for a full description of each point.POWERPOINT PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONS.

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For this assignment, you will choose a topic from the PowerPoint Presentations Topics document. If you choose a topic that is not listed in the document, you must seek approval from the instructor. You will then develop a PowerPoint presentation with 10–12 slides. You must not exceed the assigned amount of slides. It is important for you to be concise and clear on the slides, and present relevant and organized information in the notes.POWERPOINT PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONS.

Each of the PowerPoint Presentations has 2 components:

  1. Select a topic from the PowerPoint Submission Topics document, and develop your PowerPoint Submission.
    1. You may use materials from the class, scholarly resources, and Internet sources; however, you must be careful to ensure that the source material is providing correct information.
    2. Unless an image is copyrighted, you may use images from the Internet.
    3. Use an attractive and effective background in your PowerPoint presentation.
    4. The last slide of the presentation must be a bibliography. This will include all resources utilized. You must apply current Turabian formatting.
    5. Do not include links to videos (e.g. YouTube), or to other websites.
  2. Submit presentation notes that further develop each slide.
    1. 250–300 words for each slide’s notes.
    2. This submission may be in an extended outline format.
    3. You must include your notes in the “Notes” section of each PowerPoint slide.POWERPOINT PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONS.


Submit the corresponding assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Modules/Weeks 3 and 7.


uMomentous US historical event.

uAmerican Revolution created the nation, while Civil War determined foundational values.

uBegan in 1861.

uIdeological differences and election of Lincoln.

u13 stated seceded to form Confederacy.

u2.4 million soldiers participated, 620,000 died.


uFoundational economic differences.

uSoutherners depended on slaves.

uNortherners had abolitionist ideals.

uWestern regions adopted abolitionist movement.

uSoutherners felt threatened by Northerners aggression in opposing slavery.

uIncreasing tensions between North and South.


uKansas-Nebraska Act of 1854.

u‘Bleeding Kansas’ – violent clashes.

uRepublican Party formed to oppose slavery.

uDred Scott case in 1857.

uJohn Brown’s raid at Harper’s Ferry in 1859.

uAbraham Lincoln’s election in 1860.


uConfederate army formed in 1861.

uFort Sumter in Charleston captured by Confederates.

uSouthern States of Tennessee, North Carolina, Arkansas and Virginia joined Confederates.

uBorder slave states in Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri supported and sympathized with confederates.

u1861: START OF THE CIVIL WAR cont’d

uEvenly matched Confederate and Union armies.

uUnion enjoyed rail, manufacturing and population advantages.

uConfederacy had strong military tradition.

uStrong beliefs in the causes.

uConfederates leveraged advantages to achieve early victories.

uUnion recruited 500,000 more soldiers.


uMcClellan replaced Scott as Union army supreme commander.

uMcClellan reluctant to advance, frustrated Lincoln.

uStiff opposition from Confederates – Lee and Jackson.

uSetback – McClellan driven back at Yorktown.

uNo reinforcements.

uWithdrawal from Potomac to Washington.

uHalleck replaced McClellan as supreme commander.


u1862: DECISIVE FIGHT cont’d

uMcClellan pushed back.

uConfederates moved forward, splitting Lee and Jackson forces.

uJackson countered Pope’s forces near Manassas.

uLee attacked Pope’s left flank.

uConfederate victory and pushed northward.

uMcClellan halted Lee’s march in Maryland.

u1862: DECISIVE FIGHT cont’d

uMcClellan attacked and halted advance of Jackson and Lee.

uAntietam war, bloodiest single day of war, 17.99% Union fatality and 26.39% Confederacy fatalist.

uConfederates retreat from Maryland to Virginia.

uMcClellan scorned for not pushing advantage.

uBurnside replaces McClellan.

uBurnside defeated at Fredericksburg.

uHooker replaces Burnside.


uPreliminary emancipation proclamation by Lincoln.

uTargeted rebellious Southern states.

uDeprive slave labor.

uPropaganda campaign.

u186,000 former slaves signed up as Union soldiers.


uFighting resumed in spring of 1863.

uUnion soldiers lost in surprise attack.

uUnion army withdrawn to Chancellorsville.

uConfederacy costly win at Chancellorsville, 22% soldiers lost against 15% loss among Union soldiers.

uLee invades North, attacking Meade’s soldiers.

uLee’s forces suffered 60% casualties.

uConfederacy withdrawal to Virginia.

uGrant captured Vicksburg, Union willing Western theater.

u1864 – 1865: UNION VICTORY

uGrant appointed supreme commander of Union forces.

uGrant’s forces attack Lee’s forces in Virginia.

uUnion attrition strategy and siege of Petersburg.

uSherman outmaneuvered Confederate forces.

uLee takes command of Confederate forces.

uLee surrenders at the Appomattox Court House.

uLincoln assassinated at Ford’s Theatre.

uJohnston surrenders to Sherman at Durham Station.


1.Sernett, M. C. (2000).  African American Religious History: A Documentary Witness (2nd ed.). Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press.

2.Woodson, C. G. (1921). The History of the Negro Church (2nd ed.). Washington, D.C.: The Associated Publishers.

3.Woodsworth, S. E. (2011). The great struggle: America’s civil war. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.

4.Dew, C. (2016). Apostles of disunion: southern succession commissioners and the causes of the civil war – 15th Anniversary Edition. Charlottesville, VA: University of Virginia.


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