Preparing for a Regulatory Visit Analysis Paper

Posted: January 17th, 2023

Preparing for a Regulatory Visit Analysis Paper

You are the compliance officer at New Community Hospital. Yesterday a patient was left alone in restraints and later found deceased. The family is outraged. As the compliance officer you now have to prepare for visits from governing and regulatory agencies. How will you prepare for this visit? Preparing for a Regulatory Visit Analysis Paper


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Given this situation where a restrained patient was left unattended in the hallway and later found deceased prompts a number of different responses.  On the cusp of a regulatory visit, this would set me in to panic mode.  In an effort to prepare for such a visit after such a negative recent occurrence, I would want to make sure first and foremost we had a policy regarding restraints as well as a policy regrading unattended patients as well as a policy for treatment of overflow patients.

After fine tooth combing each of these policies I would respond by meeting with administration and management of that department to enlist re-education or corrective action plan if one was not already developed.  Throughout this process I would engage the hospitals legal advising agency as well.  All the motions set forth into action in response to this dilemma would be documented in an effort to show steps taken to respond and to prevent this situation Preparing for a Regulatory Visit Analysis Paper Purchase to get full answer

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