Primary Care NP Role vs APN Roles.

Posted: January 11th, 2023

Primary Care NP Role vs APN Roles.


The nursing field hosts various medical care experts. These nurses are distinguished by their educational qualifications, experience in practice, licensure, area of specialization and clinical setting of practice among other factors. Their roles have both similarities and differences and this brings about their uniqueness in titles and practice. In order to understand the nurses roles, this paper seeks to compare the roles of the Nurse Practitioner (NP) and the advanced practice nurse (APN), their differences, similarities and the communication roles towards the consumer or providers. Primary Care NP Role vs APN Roles.


The roles of advanced practice nurses and nursing practitioners differ in multiple ways. Advanced practice nurses are health practitioners with a master’s degree in nursing. APNs roles include prescription of medications. They manage patient care and assist medical practitioners. They also maintain the patient records, ensure hospital compliance and maintain the privacy of the patients. They evaluate the progress of patients and responses to the treatments. They also modify care and treatment plans to improve the patient’s outcomes(Lowe & Plummer, 2019). Moreover, they provide counselling to families and the patients. Advanced practice nurses cannot practice independently in various clinical and private settings.
On the contrary, nursing practitioners can diagnose and manage chronic infections, perform physical examinations and interpret results as well as provide counselling and education to patients. They can specialize in adult care, family care nursing andwomen health nursing. They offer compassionate attitudes towards the patient’s and resolve complex problems. In general, they provide holistic and preventive care through personalized treatment based on individual needs of the patient. They can also practice independently in clinical settings as well as private practices due to their specialization. Primary Care NP Role vs APN Roles.
Nursing practitioners and advanced practice nurses share several roles in common. Nursing practitioners are a part of the APNs and provide basic care to specified health needs and populations (Swartwout, 2016). Both practitioners hold a Master’s degree in nursing and hence can undertake the basic nursing practices. They can conduct diagnosis, order and interpret laboratory tests and also give anesthesia to patients. They are both qualified to prescribe medications to patients. APNs generally conduct roles that can be practiced by all nurses with advanced nursing degrees. As such, nursing practitioners can conduct all the roles of advanced practice nurses. Primary Care NP Role vs APN Roles.
The communication of roles to the provider or consumer is essential in ensuring that the practice roles are not confused which would result in medical errors. Communication to consumers helps determine the right practitioners for their healthcare issues and ensures appropriate development of treatment and care plans. Therapeutic communication is employed in role communication to the patients. It entails the collection of techniques that priorities the wellbeing of the patient. Patients are provided with the support and information while retaining the professional objectivity and distance level. Consequently, communication of roles to the healthcare providers facilitates the assignment and delegation of nursing responsibilities only to the qualified practitioners. Primary Care NP Role vs APN Roles.
Primary care nursing practitioners and advanced practice nurses are similar and different in multiple ways. The advanced practice nurses conduct general basic roles in the nursing care and cannot practice independently in different healthcare settings and private sector. Nurse practitioners are advanced APNs who are specialized in primary caregiving in specific population and health needs which make them able to undertake both their specialty roles and the general APNs roles.

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