Project Management Software tools Essay.

Posted: January 18th, 2023

Project Management Software tools Essay.


Review two of the project management software tools available via links in the course syllabus. Provide an overview of each software and decide if you will use either of the software for projects throughout the course and why. If you decide to use the software, what challenges, if any, do you foresee with using it?Project Management Software tools Essay.


PSC 450 Topic 1 DQ 2

Project management software are important tools for controlling resources in a project to include time, costs, personnel, and materials. There are a range of software available for managing project, and each one presents unique merits and demerits that could make them suitable for certain cases. Two of these software are Notion and Trello. Notion is a software that helps with planning and discussion functions through facilitating communication and sharing ideas between the project participants/stakeholders. It has five advantages.Project Management Software tools Essay. Firstly, it offers an infinite knowledge base through nesting pages inside each other. Secondly, it facilitates efforts to share information between the participants. Thirdly, it includes a task board with flexible drag and drop editor that helps with making changes to the project plan. Fourthly, it includes tools for taking notes. Finally, it allows the participants to keep personal checklists. The identified advantages show that Notion is a collaborative software that can assemble workflows that work best for the participants(Leis, 2019). Trello is a software that helps with visualizing the project tasks.Project Management Software tools Essay. It makes use of dashboards to manage quick and short project activities. It has five advantages. Firstly, it allows for collaboration and commenting. Secondly, it presents tasks in lists that can be organized based on priority or dates. Thirdly, it allows for files and images to be shared between participants. Fourthly, it can create unlimited task lists. Finally, it uses dashboards to simplify task management(Leis, 2019). Still, cost is a concern for the two software. Notion software is priced at $8 per user for every month of use, while Trello software is free for personal use and priced at $9.99 per user for businesses. Given the cost concerns, Trello would be the preferable software since it is free for personnel use, implying that it will be free for managing projects throughout the course (Leis, 2019).Project Management Software tools Essay.

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