PSC 450 Topic 2 DQ 1.

Posted: January 17th, 2023

PSC 450 Topic 2 DQ 1.


Discuss the process your CLC team is using to assess your team’s project proposals, prioritization, and selection. What challenges are you experiencing? What is working well, especially in terms of creating the work breakdown structures? If you have not started working on your CLC at this time, what challenges do you foresee? Please be specific.


The team has yet to pick the project proposal. This is what you will be answering. If you have not started working on your CLC at this time, what challenges do you foresee? Please be specific.PSC 450 Topic 2 DQ 1.

The team has not so far picked the project proposal and thus we have not begun working on our CLC yet. As a team, we have already filled out the team agreement form but we have not specifically started working on the project. While we are preparing to start working on the project, there are some challenges the team is likely to encounter.PSC 450 Topic 2 DQ 1.
A potential challenge to the project is communication problems. This is because the course is online and members are located in different locations and hence communication may be a challenge. Effective communication is essential in ensuring the successful implementation of a project. Effective communication enables team members to comprehend their roles as well as the role of other team members(McEwan et al., 2017). Effective communication also ensures that team members also understand each other and sets out the clarity of project goals (McEwan et al., 2017). Therefore, communication is a major challenge that needs to be addressed by choosing a suitable means of communication for all team members.
Time management is another potential challenge to the project. This is because project members may have their busy lives, in addition to the team members meeting remotely and hence developing a timeline that is suitable for everyone may be a challenge (Ghiasvand et al., 2017).
Lastly, there may be a challenge of understanding the assignment and the project itself. Seemingly, the course material is very detailed and broad; therefore, there is a likelihood of some projects lagging behind. The assignment is group work and hence it requires a team effort to move forward. Failure of all group members to work as a team and collaborative effectively may pose the challenge of the project lagging behind.PSC 450 Topic 2 DQ 1.
The Retail Store


Where convenience, quality, and community are our purpose.


Mission Statement (who we are): The Retail Store offers our customers convenience, quality, and great prices. By doing so, we strive to make each and every community a better place to live.PSC 450 Topic 2 DQ 1.


Vision Statement (who we strive to be): The Retail Store strives to be the leading retailer as measured by fiscal results and community improvement advocacy within every small community.


Fast Facts:


$3.2 million in sales the last fiscal year Three stores in one state (three different small towns) Store size = 2,500 square feet About 2,500 core products from America’s most-trusted manufacturers Three distribution centers 30 employees


“Must” Objectives


Achieve annual sales of at least $5 million.

Participate in the improvement of at least 10 low income communities throughout the state. Expand core product offerings by 10% within a 2-year time frame.PSC 450 Topic 2 DQ 1.



“Want” Objectives:


Expand size of stores by 10%.

Open at least one store in a neighboring state within a 5-year time frame.PSC 450 Topic 2 DQ 1.

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