Psychotherapy Interventions and Pharmacotherapy Interventions.

Posted: December 17th, 2022

Psychotherapy Interventions and Pharmacotherapy Interventions.


PICOT Question
Do geriatric patients suffering from obesity disorder under psychotherapy interventions rather than pharmacotherapy interventions reduce their hospital stay within a three month period?Psychotherapy Interventions and Pharmacotherapy Interventions.
Patient Population
The geriatric population describes older people of 65years of age and above. This population is prone to obesity due to the lifestyle changes and reduced physical activity. Obesity increases the risk of death and contraction of other infections such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disorders and thus hospitalization of this population is necessary for management of the illness (Mathus-Vliegen, 2012).


The preferred intervention for this case is psychotherapy. It entails change of behavior, emotions and thoughts with the aim of treating mental ailments. Psychotherapeutic approaches include holistic therapy, humanistic therapy, cognitive therapy, behavior therapy, psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies. These interventions are considered to be more effective in loss weight as they include counselling, engagement in physical activities and patient centered behavioral change aimed at recovering (Mathus-Vliegen et al., 2012).Psychotherapy Interventions and Pharmacotherapy Interventions.
Comparison Intervention
Pharmacotherapy is characterized by prescription and administration of medications to geriatric population suffering from obesity. Medicines reduce the patient’s appetite and boost their desire to engage in physical activities.
The expected outcome is reduction of the geriatric patients hospital stay through the application of psychotherapeutic interventions in their treatment without the use of pharmacotherapy approaches. Patients under this intervention should be able to recover faster than those undertaking medications for their recovery. Readmission cases from obesity relapses should also be minimized in this case. Geriatric patients should be able to maintain their weight and positive behavior while in and out of the hospital.Psychotherapy Interventions and Pharmacotherapy Interventions.
The results of the study are obtained within a period of three months.
Psychotherapy Interventions and Pharmacotherapy Interventions.

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