Public Health Assignment Discussion Paper

Posted: November 19th, 2022

Public Health Assignment Discussion Paper

PUBLIC HEALTH 1 Public Health Name of Student Institutional affiliation Course Instructor Date PUBLIC HEALTH 2 Beatrice Mbaocha Hello Beatrice, thank you for your response to the prompt, and I enjoyed reading it. I agree that public health professionals can influence financing in the public health sector through collaborative partnership and capacity building. This gives room for engagement between public health professionals and community organizations or citizens to generate collective interest and action (Brownson, Fielding & Green, 2018)Public Health Assignment Discussion Paper.


In addition to your point that the objective of public health professionals is protecting and promoting population health, it is important to note that they can engage in policy formulation and implementation to promote the well-being of the entire population. Through this, they can preserve the health of every person or family. Evidence-based outcome measures and program cost-effectiveness are effective methods to justify financing. This can help in making informed decisions prior to implementing policies related to funding. Reference Brownson, R. C., Fielding, J. E., & Green, L. W. (2018). Building Capacity for Evidence-Based Public …  Public Health Assignment Discussion Paper  Purchase to get full answer

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