Quality Improvement Initiative Essay.

Posted: December 14th, 2022

Quality Improvement Initiative Essay.


Quality Improvement Initiative

One of the quality improvement initiatives that has been implemented among Africa-Americans to reduce the rate of diabetes in the population is the National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP). NDPP was designed to increase awareness regarding diabetes risk to people at risk of diabetes. Evidence shows that African-Americans are at high risk of diabetes because the rate of diabetes is higher among this population when compared to other populations (Terens et al., 2018). Therefore, the NDPP program was developed to implement evidence-based lifestyle changes within the community.Quality Improvement Initiative Essay.


NDPP necessitates risk stratification to determine community members eligible to be recruited in the program. The requirements to be enrolled in the program include a biochemical indication of prediabetes; increased weight for height; a history of gestational diabetes; family history; and increased age. Activities of the program have nutritionists who educate community members about healthy eating; certified lifestyle coaches who assist community members in physical activities; as well as nurse practitioners who constantly assess the members (Golden et al., 2017). Members are required to meet the attendance goals, as well as the set lifestyle changes and weight loss goals.Quality Improvement Initiative Essay.

Screening individuals for prediabetes and diabetes in the target population is also used as an intervention towards combating diabetes. The screening includes testing fasting and glucose tolerance and AIC (Terens et al., 2018). This intervention helps to identify individuals predisposed to diabetes or those already with diabetes. The appropriate preventative and treatment interventions are implemented respectively.Quality Improvement Initiative Essay.


The initiatives have been relatively successful. This is because the rate of diabetes among the target community has comparatively reduced.Quality Improvement Initiative Essay.

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