Research Article Essay.

Posted: January 20th, 2023

Research Article Essay.


I have not selected a research article to do this paper using the theory Ramona Mercer’s maternal role attainment/becoming a mother so if you can select an article completed within the last 5 years all in APA format. Part one For the theory that you have selected Ramona Mercer’s Maternal Role Attainment/Becoming a Mother to do your theory paper on, you will be using it for this discussion board. You will be analyzing a few components of the theory. See page 108 for the synthesized method of theory evaluation. Here you have an example of an analysis of the theory of chronic sorrow. The synthesized method is a combination of several methods and is useful for middle ranged theories Find a research article that uses the theory AND ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS.

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You can use this for your paper. It must be a research article. See Module two for an overview of research articles. POST A PDF OF YOUR ARTICLE: WE NEED THE ACTUAL ARTICLE NOT THE LINK INCLUDE A VERY BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE STUDY 1. What is the purpose of the theory? 2. What are the main concepts in the theory? 3. Are they operationally defined? Theoretically defined? 4. Does the theory contribute to the discipline of nursing? Theoretical and operational definitions. For that chosen concept, write theoretical and operational definitions. You can find it in the article. If it is not explicitly written , then you have to surmise what it is based on article. If the study is qualitative you have to determine how the researcher used the theory to generate the interview questions and based on the results how you would ope rationalize the concept (since there is no operational definition in a qualitative study). Please note that doing this discussion board will assist you in writing your paper.Research Article Essay.

Ramona Mercer’s Maternal Role Attainment/Becoming a Mother theory was developed to create a strong maternal identity throughout the lifetime of a woman. It seeks to bring an understanding of the complex situations experienced by women as they become mothers and assume different identities. The concepts of this theory include the maternal identity and self-esteem. Other concepts include self-concept, social support, mother-father relationships, family functioning, intimate partner, family, infant characteristics, attachment, role-strain-role-conflict, anxiety, health status and flexibility.Research Article Essay.

The concepts are operationally defined in the article Racial Discrimination and Preterm Birth among African American Women: The Important Role of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. The challenges experienced by the African American women during the transition to motherhood result in increased infant mortality rates. The research attribute the situation to racial discrimination which deprives these women of their identity as mothers resulting in mental health disorders such as the posttraumatic stress disorder upon preterm births (Gavin et al., 2018). It also affects the physical health outcomes which triggers self-hate and low self-esteem and loss of identity as a mother in general.Research Article Essay.

The theory contributes to nursing in multiple ways. Firstly, it creates awareness on the struggles women undergo during the pregnancy and post birth transition and the effects it has on them including infant deaths and premature deliveries(Gavin et al., 2018). The use of this theoretical framework thus informs the practice and helps nurses in supporting women to develop their self-identity and consciousness to prevent mental and physical disorders during pregnancy and after birth. In addition, the theory helps in exploring the racial discrimination disparity in the healthcare system and the impacts it has on the women becoming mothers as well as on the infants. This will help resolve the Posttraumatic Stress Disorders among African American women.

Research Article Essay.


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