Research design methods and applications.

Posted: December 30th, 2022

Research design methods and applications.


Part 2:

Prepare to present your survey results. Condense them from your research paper, and create 8 PowerPoint slides to present your survey results. The PowerPoint must include a graphic presentation of the data for each survey question, on separate slides.Research design methods and applications.


You can decide what to include on the 8 slides, as long as 5 slides depict results of the 5 survey questions. The other slides might include Introduction, Purpose, Methodology, Conclusions.

Business environment is dynamic
Dynamism caused by technology to reduce costs and improve efficiency
The technology has implications for business personnel who require technical skills to operate
Recruited participants from among business personnel.
Used online questionnaire to collect data.
Questionnaire designed with five questions to collect the participants opinions.Research design methods and applications.
Ethical considerations to protect participants.
RESULTS contd.
RESULTS contd.
RESULTS contd.
RESULTS contd.
Preparation for using technology in the business environment is a deliberate process.
Preparation occurs through training.
Technology forms part of the landscape of the business environment.
Acquiring technical skills is a graded process.
Overall, technical skills are important for business personnel.
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