Scholar Practitioner Discussion Assignment Paper

Posted: January 10th, 2023

Scholar Practitioner Discussion Assignment Paper

Running head: SCHOLAR PRACTITIONER 1 Scholar Practitioner Student’s Name Institution Date SCHOLAR PRACTITIONER 2 Scholar Practitioner Part 1A One of the complementary therapies present in the American healthcare industry is the use of natural products. The use of natural products by the American population is considered complementary since it mainly involves the use of non-mainstream practices in conjunction with conventional medicine. Natural products include a broad variety of commodities such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics (NCCIH, 2016)Scholar Practitioner Discussion Assignment Paper.


These commodities are dominantly present in the market, and they have been widely advertised, are readily available, and are predominantly sold as dietary supplements. The use of natural products was confirmed to be the most used form of complementary therapy in the United States of America. The National Health Interview Survey conducted in 2012 revealed that approximately 17.7% of American adults used natural products in the previous year. The most used natural product was fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids. It was estimated that about 7.8% of the Adults who use natural products consume fish oil and omega-3 as their preferred complementary therapy (NCCIH, 2016). Rigorous studies conducted by various scholars have shown that some natural products are beneficial, while others do not work as expected. Therefore, it is vital that further academic investigations are conducted to determine the advantages of these products Scholar Practitioner Discussion Assignment Paper

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