State Practice Agreements in Texas.

Posted: December 19th, 2022

State Practice Agreements in Texas.


This week you will have an opportunity to evaluate state practice agreements in your state and examine issues related to FNP practice. To prepare: Review practice agreements in your state Identify at least two physician collaboration issues in your state Post a description of the practice agreements for NPs in your stateWhich is TEXAS and the two physician collaboration issues that you identified. Explain what you think are the barriers to NPs practicing independently in your state. Finally, outline a plan for how you might address NP practice issues in your state.


State Practice Agreements in Texas

Review practice agreements in your state.

The Texas state mandates that the prescriptive authority needs a separate application, registration of drug enforcement administration for controlled substances and a written prescription from a supervising physician (Osborne, 2017). The prescriptive authority also requires registration with the Texas public safety department. The nursing board is governed by the Texas board of nursing while the practice is guided by the state’s nursing practice act. However, the state of Texas recently eradicated the need for onsite supervision by physicians.State Practice Agreements in Texas.

Identify at least two physician collaboration issues in your state.

One significant collaboration issue is the lack of knowledge by physicians on the scope of practice for nurse practitioners (Miller, 2019). The conventional medical practice framework contributes to unproductive teamwork.The  framework fosters dominance of physicians over the healthcare workforce. Physicians have also demonstrated little or no satisfaction with the existing collaboration. Their attitudes towards collaboration is less favorable. It is important that the physicians and nurse practitioners collaborate to succeed in their practices.State Practice Agreements in Texas.

There is also the issue of patient safety that physicians link to education and credentials. Physicians base their arguments on the four medical school years and three residency training years that they are required to complete as primary care physicians after the attainment of an undergraduate degree. On the other hand, NPs are required to complete four nursing school years and two extra years training programs. These challenges contribute to a negative working relationship between the two parties. Each party has the responsibility of initiating conversations that will mitigate the patient safety challenge.

Practice agreements for NPs in your state

In regards to practice authority, written agreement is needed between the supervising physician and the nurse practitioner with protocols implemented collaboratively and assessed every year (Adams & Markowitz, 2018). Prescriptive authority mandates a written agreement between the nurse practitioner and the physician. Devices and drugs of prescription are strictly outlined in the agreement. Texas also acknowledges NPs as primary care providers. Thus, it is the duty of managed care organizations to ensure that physician assistants and advanced practice registered nurses are the sole primary care providers.State Practice Agreements in Texas.

 Explain what you think are the barriers to NPs practicing independently in your state.

Texas’ practice restrictions limit the ability of nurses to serve patients effectively. They are not permitted to maximize on their education, credentialing and experience. As a result, NPs in the state of Texas are fighting for full practice. They argue that it is essential that people are given the healthcare they deserve. For instance, it is required that NPs be under strict physician supervision of 75-mile radius.  They are also not allowed to prescribe in the physician’s absence (Traczynski & Udalova, 2018). In the physician’s presence, strict guidelines must be followed by the NPs when giving prescriptions.State Practice Agreements in Texas.

Another barrier is that NPs do not have the mandate to sign either handicap permits or death certificates. They are also not mandated to schedule two drug medications such as Norco and Adderall. In case of written prescriptions, the name of the physician, telephone and DEA number and their address must be included. There is a specific number of nurses that can be supervised by physicians at any given time. NPs have also been protesting that medicine practice barriers such as the Medicaid requirement avert the state from providing an effective response to the augmenting primary needs.

 Outline a plan for how you might address NP practice issues in your state. 

Patients will be able to rapidly access healthcare, and reduce the waiting duration when NPs are permitted to practice according to their education level. Health outcomes will also experience a significant improvement. These approaches would provide extra resources to patients with the number of NPs practicing. Besides, physicians’ will be relieved due to stress reduction. NPs will have the opportunity to offer a more cost-effective patient-centered care and at the same time providing quality  care. Nurse practitioners will also be at liberty to operate their clinics independently without the need for physician supervision. I am also hopeful that nurse practitioners will come up with a solution that permits quality care to be provided.State Practice Agreements in Texas.

Physicians will be urged to come up with solutions that would enhance nurse practitioners’ flexibility  when it comes to plans such as Medicaid health that are designed to maintain the existing supervisory relationship. Nurse practitioners should lobby the state and also champion for legislative change. Independence practice by nurse practitioners would include treatment of actual or potential problems of health, ordering, conducting and the interpretation of diagnostic tests and the prescription of corrective and therapeutic measures. Independence practice by NPs will also mean prescription and dispensing of particular drugs and the formulation of differential and primary diagnoses and advanced evaluations.

Overall, some steps that NPs can take include getting involved in national and local nurse practitioner organizations. They should also be up to date of evidence-based practice that will ensure effective skills and knowledge maintenance for standardized outcomes of patient health.State Practice Agreements in Texas.

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