Strategies for Academic Portfolios Essay.

Posted: November 29th, 2022

Strategies for Academic Portfolios Essay.


The Strategies for Building Up a Formidable Academic Portfolio as a Post-Graduate Student Nurse

An academic portfolio is an assembly of documents that attests to the fact that you have achieved some academic milestones in research and scholarship, teaching, and service to the university or community. It involves the documentation of your achievements in your role as an academic over time (UTS, 2018; Little-Wienert & Mazziotti, 2017; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, n.d.). Several strategies can be used to achieve this by the postgraduate nursing student.Strategies for Academic Portfolios Essay.


            The three components of the portfolio are teaching, scholarship and research, and service to community and university. On teaching, the nurse student can keep a record of all her efforts in teaching and mentoring of undergraduate students. For instance, she could keep all evidence of handouts and lesson plans she came up with during this time. She can also file student feedback about her teaching and the tests and exercises she gave to the students during this time. Lastly but not least, if she supervised undergraduate researchers she needs to keep evidence of this (UTS, 2018; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, n.d.).

On scholarship and research, the postgraduate student needs to keep a record and copies of any publications done to university journals or external scholarly publications. Any contributions to scholarly discourse should also be archived. Evidence of any grants awarded and collaborations on scholarly projects should also be documented for inclusion in the academic portfolio (UTS, 2018; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, n.d.). Strategies for Academic Portfolios Essay.

Lastly, service to the university or community should also be documented in the portfolio. For instance, membership to a committee coming up with a report of an academic nature can be included in the academic portfolio (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, n.d.). In doing all this, the student must prepare well, take their time, review their curriculum vitae, painstakingly collect all their academic achievements in one place, and clearly demonstrate evidence of scholarship and any grants awarded (Little-Wienert & Mazziotti, 2017). Strategies for Academic Portfolios Essay.

Strategies for Academic Portfolios In the realm of marketing, a successful branding strategy is one of the most important contributors to organizational success. A solid branding strategy can help add visibility and credibility to a company’s products. Similarly, nurse-scholars can build a personal brand to add visibility and credibility to their work. You can begin building your brand by developing and maintaining an academic portfolio. Such an activity can help share the results of your efforts and contribute to your success. This Module’s Discussion asks you to consider and share strategies for building your portfolio. To Prepare: Reflect on strategies that you can pursue in developing portfolios or portfolio elements that focus on academic achievements. Review one or more samples from your own research of resources focused on portfolio development.Strategies for Academic Portfolios Essay.

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