Teaching Philosophy Statement Essay.

Posted: November 25th, 2022

Teaching Philosophy Statement Essay.

The purpose of this assignment is to develop your personal teaching philosophy statement. This will be included in your e-portfolio to be submitted at the end of this course.
Begin by researching a developed teaching philosophy and use the information to shape your own philosophy.Teaching Philosophy Statement Essay.


In 250-500 words, develop a personal teaching philosophy statement that includes your beliefs on the purpose of education, how students learn, how your beliefs facilitate learning, the role of the nurse educator, and how you plan to implement this philosophy to grow as an educator as you seek to integrate the nurse educator competencies into your professional practice.
APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.Teaching Philosophy Statement Essay.

My Teaching Philosophy Statement as a Nurse Educator
A teaching philosophy statement is a document prepared by an educator in which they elaborate their views on teaching and learning, and their approach to how knowledge should be passed. A nurse educator is one such educator (Felicilda-Reynaldo & Utley, 2015). My teaching philosophy and thinking as a nurse education is centred on the concept of Transformative Learning. In this philosophy, I hold the opinion that given a conducive and enabling intellectual environment, all students will be willing learn. This paper examines this teaching philosophy statement that I hold, including my beliefs on the purpose of learning and how students learn.Teaching Philosophy Statement Essay.
The Purpose of Education
The question as to what the purpose of education is definitely is a philosophical question tequorimg a philosophical answer. It is a question that ancient philosophers as far back as Plato, Aristotle, and Confucius have attempted answer. However, each one of them viewed tbe answer to this question from a different standpoint. More recently, however, more contemporary educational philosophers have helped educators form more concrete beliefs on the purpose of education. The most significant ones are George Count, Mortimer Adler, and John Dewey (Wesleyan University, 2020; Spear, 1984). My personal belief that goes with my philosophy as to the purpose of education aligns with the position advanced by Mortimer Adler in the famous Paideia Proposal (Spear, 1984). Adler had incorporated both Dewey’s and Count’s viewpoints of the purpose of education. According to his theory (which is what I believe in), education serves to prepare an individual for independent existence in his or her environment, to become a good social citizen, and to prepare them for a career in their lives (Wesleyan University, 2020). Separately, Dewey had proposed that the purpose of education was only for individual survival in the immediate environment. Count, on his part, had criticised this belief as individualistic. He proposed the belief that education prepares one to live harmoniously with others in the society (Wesleyan University, 2020).Teaching Philosophy Statement Essay.
How Students Learn
There are definitely many and differing opinions as to how best students learn. In my teaching philosophy statement, I believe that students learn if and when they can relate what is being taught to them to what they already know. They also learn when they are not stressed and when they derive satisfaction from the learning exercise. Also, when students participate in the learning process, do something repeatedly, and are exposed to different teaching approaches they learn very well. Last but not least, students learn when they see that what they are learning is relevant to their lives, when the learning activity is exciting and enjoyable, when feedback on how they doing (performance) is immediate, amd when their individual differences are appreciated and acknowledged (TeacherVision, 2007).Teaching Philosophy Statement Essay.
How My Beliefs Facilitate Learning
In this teaching philosophy statement, I believe that the philosophical and pedagogical beliefs I hold facilitate learning. The belief that the role of education is to help one survive in the competitive environment, help them be good people in social circles, and prepare them for a career definitely drives students to learn. These beliefs serve as incentives for students to want to learn.Teaching Philosophy Statement Essay.
The Role of a Nurse Educator
The roles of a nurse educator are diverse a d depend on the setting. For instance, in the clinical setting her role is to ensure the professional and clinical development of the persons she is responsible for. These could be staff or students on clinical placement (Mateo & Fahje, 1998). To grow as a nurse educator, therefore, I plan to implement this philosophy systematically and under the guidance of my transformative leadership conviction. This will give me the platform to integrate all the nurse educator competencies that need to come into play as I teach and impart knowledge.Teaching Philosophy Statement Essay.

A Teaching Philosophy Statement for a Nurse Educator
My teaching philosophy and thinking of nurse education is centred on the concept of Transformative Learning, I am generally not so much worried about the effect of my instructing metbods as I am of the learning of my students. I accept that what I am instructing isn’t so significant as what they are internalising. Therefore, I place more accentuation on their words and points of view in each task given, rather than what my opinion would be in similar circumstances. In effect, my teaching philosophy is entirely student-centred. I encourage resourcefulness by making and creating a conducive learning environment in which understudies are welcome to take an interest and initiative. I always urge common receptivity to new thoughts and viewpoints. In my first day of each class I examine the way that I approach and present fa ts about the calling of nursing, about my job as a medical educator, and about my responsibility as an instructor of student nurses and future nurse professionals. To quantify whether I am accomplishing this outcome, I utilize the learners’ remarks from the student lecturer assessment sheets. These give an objective indication of how the students feel about my approach to teaching them. From this resource, I am then able to accomplish my objective of a deep, well thought out and sheltered teaching philosophy.Teaching Philosophy Statement Essay.
I respect every understudy’s interest as huge and significant. In this manner, I develop strong. modalities which, in light of the understudies’ solicitations, account for better approaches to pedagogical considerations. My approach to these pedagogical developments guide the students to peruse the assigned course contents meticulously. This is akin to how qualified nursing experts would peruse and find out about new sicknesses and their modalities of care. In essence, this teaching philosophy strives to form a professional nurse with the end in mind. Basically, therefore, these advancements successfully persuade the understudy to think like experts. The instructions are thus doled out and evaluated with point by point input.Teaching Philosophy Statement Essay. The understudies are then given straightforward and afterward progressively complex contextual assignments to analyses and cultivate the criticality of thought required of a nurse. These contextual analyses are guided by worksheets to coordinate the gathering of students’ thorough conclusions and critical thinking. I additionally give chances to various perspectives to be introduced and upheld by proof, information and rationale. Understudies work in small gatherings or groups to simulate analysis and treatment of ailments, and assimilate vital techniques of quiet but efficient nursing administration. Nursing students are encouraged to create a demonstration of materials for patient care, as another technique for exhibiting profundity of comprehension and the capacity to clarify practical concepts. This is done as a matter of fact and essentially in their very own words. They are then assessed for grounding in concepts and practical aptitude through the use of Nursing Board type of questions.Teaching Philosophy Statement Essay.
To additionally help the understudies in assembling the pieces, they are doled out to work in gatherings to structure and assess a nursing care plan for a hypothetical patient, using similar information assortment sheets they use to gather information in the practical clinic setting. The nursing students are guided through this procedure with a singular objective in mind. That of forming a critically thinking nurse who can make independent clinical decisions in the practical sense. For instance the worksheet guides the student to begin a verbal ward round report with in a certain manner, as would be normal in the usual real clinical rounds in the hospital.Teaching Philosophy Statement Essay.

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