The Need for Technological Tools to Assist in the Teaching of Nursing.

Posted: November 9th, 2022

The Need for Technological Tools to Assist in the Teaching of Nursing.


The Need for Technological Tools to Assist in the Teaching of Nursing: A Response

Technological Tools

Indeed there is at present a vast number of technological tools that could be harnessed by the nursing educator for use in the classroom. Their list cannot possibly be exhausted, given the fast pace at which technology is evolving. I agree with the observation that web-based lectures using the likes of Adobe Connect programs are also helpful. But this brings another angle to the discussion, since these are programs we are talking about. What this means is that the technological tools under consideration here are not limited to hardware but also include software. Faculty members can thus come up with their exact and unique student classroom needs in terms of technology. After this, they can have a software developer or engineer create a tailor-made program that would meet this exact need.The Need for Technological Tools to Assist in the Teaching of Nursing.


The Generation Gap

The matter of how to name the different generations with regard to technological acumen is not a universal art or science. Terms such as generation X, Y, and Z are words that were arbitrarily coined by different authors and their descriptions often overlap. In fact, there is no universal consensus on the birth dates of the different generations. That said, neo-millenials are in fact generation Z while the Net generation are generation Y. In fact, according to Berk (2009), generation Y are now taken as part of generation X. I am in agreement that the knowledge of the characteristics of each generation is crucial in choosing the best technological tools to use with them.The Need for Technological Tools to Assist in the Teaching of Nursing.


It is indeed the ultimate role of the nurse educators to facilitate their students. That is if the vision of technology-driven nursing enshrined in the TIGER initiative is to materialise.


Tools to Use

In modern nursing and education, technology can greatly assist students and faculty in delivering an all-inclusive educational experience. Many barriers exist, however, such as what medium or tools to use that can best assist students. Computer-based modules can help students to have a precise learning plan to greatly assist within classroom lectures. Modules can exist in terms of quizzes, required reading, and interactive projects. Another tool for learners can be web-based lectures using such programs as cisco and adobe connect. This can greatly assist students who may have a demanding work and family schedule and may find comfort in viewing lecture from their desktop.The Need for Technological Tools to Assist in the Teaching of Nursing.

Gen Y Vs. Z

The most technologically savvy of student generations are both Generation Y and Z. However, they differ in terms of outlook, resourcefulness, and attitude. Gen Z is considered to multitask between devices faster than Gen Y, more formally educated, and desire to have a greater worldly impact (William, 2019). Gen Z may be able to navigate with slightly more ease with both tools, especially with web-based lectures due in part because Gen Z works more from a computer in comparison to Gen Y (William, 2019).


As an educator, each generation must be carefully lectured to and understood individually. Not all students from each generation may have the latest devices and may be lacking in using new services provided (Mastrian, 2011). Gen Z can adapt and locate information faster than Gen Z, but will still need guidance on where to access information. Gen Y will need greater visual representation when lecturing and using video lecture and may need resources to be less text-based to aid their learning (Mastrian, 2011). Both educational tools of computer modules and virtual lecture allow students to self-guide their learning, with as many visual cues as not to stifle their learning.

AACN Essentials

The AACN essential 4 and 6 both are in congruence with these specific educational tools in part because they both involve technology and communication. Essential 4 involves managing data, information, and technology to communicate with others (AACN,2008, p.17-20). At the education level, this involves between educator and students, but these skills translate to modern nursing concerning charting and other clinical-based services. Essential 6 involves communication among other healthcare professionals, a skill required of the baccalaureate nurse (AACN,2008, p.22-23). With web-based modules, students must interact and collaborate to achieve a specific goal.The Need for Technological Tools to Assist in the Teaching of Nursing.




TIGER is a goal for nursing to create a future in which nursing integrate technology in practice and education (Mastrian,2011, p. 27) In the nursing curriculum, TIGER involves establishing collaboration and knowledge development among nurses (Mastrian, 2011 p.28). This can include the use of online discussions, collaborative group projects, and presentations. By having students take initiative in communication with other students and synthesize projects can this goal be actualized in terms of the education standards for TIGER. The educator role would be to provide and direct students with tools that can assist and develop learning rather than hinder or provide an educationally lacking experience

The Need for Technological Tools to Assist in the Teaching of Nursing.

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