The Problem and the Research Purpose Essay.

Posted: January 4th, 2023

The Problem and the Research Purpose Essay.


Research Proposal Draft
By the due date assigned write a 2-3-page paper addressing the sections below of the research proposal.

Background and Significance of the Problem
Statement of the Problem and Purpose of the Study
Research Questions, Hypothesis, and Variables with Operational Definitions.The Problem and the Research Purpose Essay.


Research Question
Hypothesis: Research and Null
Identifying and Defining Study Variables
Operationalize Variables

The problem and the research purpose
The issue of nurse turnover is a major concern in the healthcare system worldwide. It affects the quality of healthcare services that are being delivered to the patients. Therefore, this is an issue that needs to be addressed. Understanding the interventions is important in the reduction of the turnover rates to the hospitals and the management of the hospitals. Therefore, the focus of the article is to develop a PICOT statement in the form of a question that will guide on the intervention to be implemented to address the issue of nurse turnover (Halter et al., 2017).The Problem and the Research Purpose Essay.
PICOT Question: in-hospital nurses, how do staff retention methods being implemented by the educators or the management compared to no intervention affect the retention of the recruits?
The characteristics of the population
The population, in this case, are the nurses and their working places have been increasingly affected by the staff turnover and the issues of retention. This is basically due to the increase in the level of stress, poor workplace environment, and the reduction in the level of satisfaction by these professionals (Kurnat-Thoma et al., 2017). The transitioning to work as a registered nurse for the new graduates is challenging in the in-patient facilities.The Problem and the Research Purpose Essay.
Intervention or the exposure
The intervention, in this case, is staff retention in nursing and evidence shows that effective nurse managers are playing important role in the nurse staff retention and attainment of quality nursing care. Staff retention in nursing leads to the satisfaction of nurses in the work environment. Some of the practices that can be adopted by the managers and healthcare organization include the reduction of the overtime and elimination of the mandatory overtime; development of a shared governance program to give nurses a voice in scheduling, workflows, and healthcare policies; and making sure that there are sufficient nurse staffing levels and supporting the acuity-based staffing tools.
The intervention of the nursing staff retention is compared to no intervention i.e. absence of retention. This practice is associated with overtime working, poor nurse-patient ratio, and lack of involvement of the nurses in the development of the policies.The Problem and the Research Purpose Essay.
The expected outcome after the successful implementation of the intervention is the reduction in nursing turnover. The satisfaction of the nurses in the workplace will improve as a result of the development of the shared governance program that gives them an opportunity of voicing in scheduling, workflow, and policies set by the hospitals (Kurnat-Thoma et al., 2017).The Problem and the Research Purpose Essay.

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