Training and Employee Development Essay.

Posted: December 16th, 2022

Training and Employee Development Essay.


5-7 Slides 200 words per slide

Defining the strategic approach to employee training and development allows organizations to align training and development to overall organizational success. Organizations may provide minimal training for job-specific skills or they may opt for a wide range of training and development opportunities to foster human talent development and ties to succession planning.Training and Employee Development Essay.


Research the purposes and approaches to strategic training and development decisions, and address the following:

Define the strategic nature of employee training and development.
What criteria might an organization use to determine a strategy regarding employee training and development?
Explain the difference between a small family-owned business and a multinational company in their approach to strategic training and development for employees.
Analyze the relationship between training and development, succession planning, and organizational success.Training and Employee Development Essay.
Why is multicultural/diversity training important in organizations
What are some legal considerations (employment laws and labor laws) managers must consider in selecting staff for training and development opportunities
You must include a minimum of 2 scholarly references.

Training and Employee Development
Strategic Nature of Employee Training and Development
Planned approach that aims to improve the performance of employees
Performance improved by improving employees’ ability to perform via learning
Criteria to determine strategy on employee training & development
Analysis of the organizational needs
Identifying skill, knowledge & competency gaps
Prioritize the areas that need to be addressed first
Plan & deliver training & education

Employee Strategic Training & Development in a Small Family-owned Business Compared to a Multinational Company
Family-owned business
Mostly used on-the-job training technique
Face-to-face training through orientations & role-playing
Training strategy tailored towards specific business goals
Multinational companies
Mostly uses online training for their staffs
Uses a standardized approach towards training
Training content should be customized to address specific culture & languages
Standardized learning goals, personalized regional approach and content

Relationship between Training & Development, Succession Planning &Organizational Success
Training & development
Improve skills & competencies of employees
Succession planning
identifies likely replacements for important job positions
Therefore, training & development prepares potential candidates for succession planning
This facilitates grooming & equipping of high-potential staff members for their future roles in the organization
Talent retention
This ensures stability and security in the organization
Internally trained employees for key positions ensure organizational success

Importance of Multicultural/Diversity Training in an Organization
Improves employees’ cultural awareness, skills, communication and knowledge
Helps the organization to avoid breaching civil rights
Increases the inclusion of diverse identity groups
Improves organizational relationship with the customers and other stakeholders
Creates a good culturally competent relationship among employees
Helps the organization to understand barriers that affect customer relationships.Training and Employee Development Essay.

Legal considerations to consider when selecting staff for training and development opportunities
No discrimination when selecting staff for training
Payment for training time
Training time is work time where nonexempt employee should be paid
All employees should be given an opportunity to take part in employee development programs
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