Transformation Leadership Style and Nursing Leadership.

Posted: January 13th, 2023

Transformation Leadership Style and Nursing Leadership.



Describe how transformational leadership style aligns with your philosophy of nursing care. What appeals most to you about that style.
Reflect on how you might incorporate elements of that particular style as you exercise leadership in your practice or health care organization setting.
Discuss any particular areas for improving your leadership capabilities (ex -staff engagement, enhance staff growth & development, communication, motivation)Transformation Leadership Style and Nursing Leadership.


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Transformational Leadership as Aligned with Own Philosophy of Nursing Care

Transformational leadership is a type of leadership that makes the workplace attractive and enjoyable to work in. It is the most suitable style of leadership for nurse managers in nursing organizations that place a high premium on the motivation of its employees. What transformational leadership does is that it makes the nursing staff feel appreciated and wanted. Because of this, they become more and more committed to the organization and feel that they must be part of the success of the organization (Sherman & Habel, 2019). This paper looks at how a personal philosophy of nursing care aligns with the concept of transformational leadership.Transformation Leadership Style and Nursing Leadership.

Personal Philosophy of Nursing Care and Transformational Leadership

My personal philosophy of nursing care is that it should be driven by passion and commitment. Without these two, it may be very difficult for a nurse to carry out their duties to the highest standards of professional excellence and nursing standards of care. With this philosophy, it is evident that transformational leadership style is the best and most congruent type of nursing leadership for success. This is because transformational leadership dictates that nurses under the nurse manager should be motivated to deliver their best. They should also be made to feel that the environment is conducive and welcoming for delivery of the best possible nursing services. In this personal philosophy, nurses who are suffering from burnout, for instance, should be handled with compassion and understanding. They should be listened to, counselled, and given some time off to go home and refresh their body and mind. This is what transformational leadership does. Unfortunately, this is not what happens in most cases. It is not uncommon to find nurses who have suffered burnout being treated as employees who have failed and who are not fit to work. They are despised and made to feel like failures in the nursing profession. This has the effect of lowering their morale to its lowest ebb and demotivating them greatly. Transformational leadership changes all this by consciously making efforts to make the workplace more welcoming for the nurse.Transformation Leadership Style and Nursing Leadership.

What Appeals About the Transformational Leadership Style

The one thing that appeals to most about the transformational leadership style is its stance of viewing employee nurses assets instead of liabilities. This is what makes it stand out amongst all the other leadership styles. As a matter of fact, all nurse managers should adopt this kind of leadership in order to achieve unbelievable results. This simple fact stems from the reasoning that a nurse who feels valued and appreciated will go out of their way to deliver on set objectives and desired outcomes. They will want the organization to succeed and will not feel like outsiders or even think of sabotaging the organization. The net result is a successful healthcare operation that provides excellence in healthcare.Transformation Leadership Style and Nursing Leadership.

Incorporating Elements of Transformational Leadership in Nursing Practice

In the practice of nursing on a day-to-day basis, areas where transformational leadership could be applied are manifold. For instance, the nurse manager could adopt a bottom up approach in which information freely flows from the subordinates to the management without restriction or intimidation. This would be reinforced by an open-door policy allowing junior nurses to freely approach nurse managers amd address to them issues affecting them and their work. These issues could range from the workload to interpersonal relationships at the workplace.Transformation Leadership Style and Nursing Leadership.

In uncertain times and moments of crisis, transformational leadership provides a welcome solution. This is because it shifts the focus from the top of the organization to the bottom. Typically, many organizational crises have their origin at the lowest level of any organization. It is the subordinates who are most often disgruntled but lack a voice to air their grievances. This is especially true when the nurse managers have adopted an authoritarian style of leadership. Transformational leadership solves this problem of organizational crises by opening the doors for consultation, compassion, and empathy.Transformation Leadership Style and Nursing Leadership.

Improving Leadership Capabilities

Having discussed the importance of transformational leadership to nurse managers, it is clear that there are many areas for improving nurse leadership capabilities. One of these areas could be the improvement of staff welfare and enhancement of employee growth and development. The leadership capability in this is a conviction to look into the welfare of employees and their wellbeing. This includes their psychological or mental wellbeing. The other leadership capability that could be improved concerns the motivation of staff and communication style. Being a nurse manager who has adopted a transformational leadership style, communication os a key ingredient in achieving organizational objectives. Likewise, having a nursing workforce that is motivated and committed is a sure way of ensuring the healthcare organization weathers the current turbulent a. d uncertain healthcare landscape (Sherman & Habel, 2019).Transformation Leadership Style and Nursing Leadership.


Transformational leadership is the most effective leadership style for the contemporary nurse manager. It not only guarantees fulfilment of organizational objectives and goals, but also personal professional goals of both the nurse manager and the subordinate members of the nursing workforce.Transformation Leadership Style and Nursing Leadership.

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