Translational Research Essay.

Posted: November 4th, 2022

Translational Research Essay.



Patients expect safety when they visit healthcare organizations. However, the persistent occurrence of medical errors challenges the principal mission of the medical profession. Annually, an average of 100,000 deaths occur in the US due to medical errors. Apart from causing loss of public confidence, medical errors have significantly contributed to patient mortality, morbidity and increased the costs of care (Nurek et al., 2015). In the last 10 years, the US has had a national focus on reducing the incidences of adverse events through prevention efforts and research. Despite collaborative efforts to prevent errors, the progress made to increase care safety is minimal.Translational Research Essay.

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Translational research provides the healthcare community with the chance to utilize the knowledge obtained from previous studies and clinical trials with particular patient populations to implement new changes in healthcare delivery. The key purpose of translational research is to integrate multidisciplinary collaboration, resources, and knowledge obtained from past studies seeking to improve efforts in disease prevention, treatment, and diagnosis. It is also worth knowing that, every member of a translational research team is important to the overall success and productivity of the outcomes.Translational Research Essay.

A perfect example of a quality improvement initiative is the use of molecular-based technologies (MBT) to support healthcare providers and patients to prevent diagnostic errors in patients with asbestos-related cancer mesothelioma (Carbone et al., 2019). Molecular-based technologies use a systems approach to establish relevant clinical events in a person’s lifespan, making an early diagnosis and managing them based on the underlying clinical or molecular traits. It integrates medical informatics with molecular techniques like proteomics and genomics to expedite the transition of findings to molecular-based medicine. It can also focus on new targets for treatment as well as improving the therapeutic approaches including currently existing treatments.Translational Research Essay.



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Nurek, M., Kostopoulou, O., Delaney, B. C., & Esmail, A. (2015). Reducing diagnostic errors in primary care. A systematic meta-review of computerized diagnostic decision support systems by the LINNAEUS collaboration on patient safety in primary care. European Journal of General Practice21(sup1), 8-13.

Translational Research Essay.

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