Types of Elder Abuse Essay.

Posted: December 6th, 2022

Types of Elder Abuse Essay.

Discussion Week 5 There are many types of elder abuse. Choose two types and discuss challenges you perceive in abolishing them. Justify why you consider them as the most crucial. Discuss how you can advocate and protect the elderly from abuse.There are many types of elder abuse. Choose two types and discuss challenges you perceive in abolishing them. Justify why you consider them as the most crucial. Discuss how you can advocate and protect the elderly from abuse. Types of Elder Abuse Essay.


Types of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is denoted as failure to act or rather an illegal act by another person or a caregiver in a relationship which consists of an expectation of trust that creates or causes a risk of harm towards an older adult. In this case, an adult is considered to be an individual aged at least 60 years old. According to research, elder abuse includes sexual, emotional or physical harm that gets inflicted on an adult, their financial exploitation or any neglect shown in cases of their welfare by individuals who may be directly responsible for their concern and care (Beach, et.al,2017). In the United States of America, over 500, 000 reports of elder abuse have been reaching authorities annually and millions of the same going unreported.Types of Elder Abuse Essay.

In addition, when older adults get to be frailer physically, they tend to be less capable of taking care of themselves, fight back in case they are attacked or even stand up to any forms of bullying. Physical or mental ailments could render them more trying companions for any individuals leaving with them. Besides, they may not think, hear or see as well as they used to hence leaving openings diverse unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of the elderly.Types of Elder Abuse Essay.

Types of Elder Abuse

Physical and emotional abuses are the most fundamental forms of elderly abuse and which need urgent attention. The prevalence of elderly abuse is most prevalent in diverse institutions with psychological forms, neglect and physical abuse taking the forefront.

Physical Elder Abuse

This explains any non-accidental use of force against elder people which could result in physical impairment, injury or pain. Such type of abuse consists of not only physical assaults like shoving and hitting but using drugs inappropriately, confinements and restraints.

Physical abuse against the elders could get perpetrated by nursing home staff members, friends, and family members. Also, this kind of abuse could be hard to recognize,but thereare diverse telltale signs which consist of negative habitual changes or strange injuries in older people.

Emotional Elder Abuse

This is the treatment of older adults in forms which result in both psychological and emotional distress and pain. This includes:Types of Elder Abuse Essay.

  • Menacing or terrorizing the elderly people
  • Isolating elders from activities or friends.
  • Ignoring the elderly people
  • Habitual scapegoating or blaming
  • Ridicule or humiliation
  • Intimidation through threats or yelling

Advocating and Protecting the Elderly from Abuse

As a caregiver, certain steps are essential in helping prevent elder neglect or abuse:

Taking immediate actions to help in relieving burnout and stress

Research shows that stress is among the main contributors towards elder neglect and abuse. Therefore, as a caregiver, one could help in reducing stress levels by practising stress-relieving techniques like deep breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga (Jackson, et.al, 2018).

Requesting Help         

This is done from local respite care agencies, relatives or friends and alternatively, gets an adult daycare program.

Visiting and Calling

This point emphasizes on calling or visiting as many times as one can and helping the elder regard the caregiver as a trusted confidante.Types of Elder Abuse Essay.

Challenges abused in Abolishing

Specific societal concerns tend to form barriers towards abolishing the abuse of elders, thus making abuse against the elder people prevail without any intervention. In addition, the lack of respect as well as devaluation for the elderly would be an excellent factor which gets erased for proper upbringing (Wajnberg, et.al, 2020). Moreover, embarrassment and shame usually cause elderly abuse victims to staying silent regarding their travails. In addition, research affirms that physical abuse tends to cause mental anguish towards the elderly who in turn, stay quiet concerning the problem. Types of Elder Abuse Essay.

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