Uncontrolled Type II DM, HTN, and urinary Incontinence.

Posted: December 30th, 2022


Uncontrolled Type II DM, HTN, and Urinary Incontinence


Specific goals for pharmacotherapy

Metformin will be the first-line drug for the management of CJ’s type 2 Diabetes. Sulfonylureas and insulin will be second line while glitazones will be used for third line (Genuth, 2015). Metformin will be administerd since it is the only diabetes type 2 drug that does not result to weight gain. Anticholinergics will be critical for calming an overactive bladder. It will also be beneficial for urge incontinence. Mirabegron will also be used to treat urge incontinence since it relaxes the muscles of the bladder and might increase the urine amount the patient’s bladder can hold. Uncontrolled Type II DM, HTN, and urinary Incontinence.


Drug therapy prescribed

One of the prescriptions is Trospium chloride. The anticholinergic agent exhibits non-selective antimuscarinic actitvity that represent the treatment cornerstone for patients with overeactive bladder (Wagg et al, 2016). Fesoterodine acts as a prodrug and is easily hydrolyzed by non-specific esterases to 5-HMT. Therefore, bypassing the CYP system occurs in the consequent active metabolite inactivation.

Monitoring success

This will be a constant process in which C. J’s record will actively be reviewed and idenitied. Drug therapy issues at this stage such as adverse drug events will be assessed. The patient will be urged to communicate with prescribers in case of any problem. She will be educated about the potential effects. There will also be a followup to ensure that she adheres to the therapy and therapeutic goals’ attainment. Lastly, there will be monitoring of the tolerability and effectiveness of the prescribed drug agents. Uncontrolled Type II DM, HTN, and urinary Incontinence.

Discuss health promotion recommendations

C.J will be advised to eat a healthy diest by choosing a healthy meal to help mitigate complications associated with hypertension and diabetes type 2. She should also maintain a healthy weight since too much weight poses a significant risk to her condition. CJ should limit her cofee intake to no more than three cups a day. Uncontrolled Type II DM, HTN, and urinary Incontinence.

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