Using Technology from IV Pumps.

Posted: December 13th, 2022

Using Technology from IV Pumps.


As highlighted by Ohashi et al., (2014), the introduction of IV smart pumps with DERS (dose error reduction systems) and drug libraries has proven to be highly effective in reducing medication errors associated with IV drugs. Before their introduction, healthcare providers were required to manually calculate and input the rate of infusion into the pump. Since the administration of IV drugs uses different units of measurement, calculations are complex and have a high risk of errors.
In my organization, IV pumps have been incorporated with the organization’s CPOE, EMRs and the barcode point-of-care.


The IV pumps have in-built drug libraries which permit providers to input patient details, select medications from an appropriate list and allow the IV pump to calculate the rate of infusion.Using Technology from IV Pumps. The information collected and stored in the smart IV pumps guarantee useful analytical tools to evaluate healthcare practices. From time to time, this data is reviewed and analyzed to contribute positively to changes in health practice.
The smart IV pumps are installed with safety software which impacts positively on patient care by preventing medication errors. More particularly, they contain drug libraries with some of the most commonly used IV drugs and alerts to notify providers if the infusion rates calculated surpass the normal dosing limits expressed either as soft or hard dose limits. In the latter, the pump cannot bypass dosing limits thus, users cannot start a programmed infusion. In contrast, with soft dose limits, the pump warns users when a dosing is too high but an infusion is allowed to begin as programmed after a limit is acknowledged. As supported by Ohashi et al., (2014), decreased medication errors have also been associated with significant improvement in the workflow, cost related savings and reduced legal risks.Using Technology from IV Pumps.


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