Week 7 Practicum Journal: Checkpoint for Certification Plan

Posted: November 7th, 2022

Week 7 Practicum Journal: Checkpoint for Certification Plan


Learning Objectives
Students will:

Evaluate progress on certification plans

Report your progress on the Certification Plan completed in Week 1 and submitted in Week 4.


What have you done to prepare for your certification?
Have you completed the scheduled tasks assigned on your timeline? If not, what are your plans to stay on schedule?

Checkpoint for Certification Plan
In order to prepare for my certification exam, my plan was to join the Fitzgerald review course that is available online, read available review books and also use online resources to study. I also planned to utilize online practice tests and Board Vitals in order to ensure I am fully prepared for the certification exams.
So far, I have studied some of the essential review books, and especially books associated with Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. This is because these books have content that will be covered in the certification exam (Nesnera et al, 2016). I am also using online resources to study and using online tests such as Board vitals and PMHNP-BC pocket prep to further prepare for the exam. The online tests are akin to the certification exams and therefore questions in the online tests are similar to the questions likely to be in the certification exam.
I normally spend approximately 1 hour per day to prepare for my certification exam. I normally dedicate most time to the areas I think I am weak at. The Fitzgerald review course enabled me to identify my areas of weakness and strength; this has enabled me to keep on improving on my area of weakness.
However, I believe I have not adequately covered the review books. This is because so far I have not managed to cover most of the content in the review books. I plan to dedicate more hours for my study in order to finish reading the review books before my certification exams (Kverno, 2016). Accordingly, I will be studying 2 hours day and not 1hour: this will give me enough time to finish reading all the review books before the certification exams.



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